Capture your screen and webcam to create interactive videos directly from your web browser

Your video is just a few clicks away

  • Record your webcam and computer screen side by side.*
  • Customise the layout.
  • Add your voice to what you are showing.
  • Capture anything you want to show (Powerpoint slides, spreadsheets, professional software, websites...).

*Mac users, option available on versions prior to Mac OS 10.10 included.

Create video tutorials, Train or teach remotely, Make internal announcements, Create support videos for your clients

No software required

  • Compatible with Chrome and Firefox.
  • 100% web, uses WebRTC / HTML5 securely.
  • Easy to use for anyone.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

The content is uploaded in the background

  • As soon as you’re done, the window closes.
  • Your video is converted and analysed automatically.
  • Your screen is scanned for keywords that can be searched for by your viewers.
Automatic upload of your content
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