Turn your viewers into active learners with unique interactive and social features

A video player with richmedia

Customise your videos

  • Brand your videos with a logo, a background, colours, an intro clip...
  • Add chapters, attachments, and trim videos directly from the platform.
  • Add interactive exercises (polls and quizzes) and complementary resources (YouTube videos, Wikipedia pages, a Twitter feed, etc.) to maintain attention and measure understanding.
Sidebar of player with social annotations

The power of Social Learning

  • Allow viewers to contribute to your video’s timeline with comments number 1 or help each other by responding to other users' questions.
  • They can also add attachments, links, documents number 1 to enrich the content. number 1
  • Provide feedback to the author's content.  
  • Easy moderation keeps it all under control.

Learning-oriented player controls

  • Viewers can modify playback speed number 1 to fit their pace.
  • Possibility to navigate by chapter in one click number2.
  • You can go back 5 seconds number3.
Navigation bar of video player
Navigation into video by slide

Innovative navigation by slides and keywords

  • The video player offers visual navigation by scrolling to or zooming on a specific slide. 
  • Precise information lookup is provided by the indexing and search engine
Search into video

Integrate quizzes and polls

  • Integrate quizzes and polls that pop-up and pause the video at specific moments.
  • Measure results and test learner understanding.
  • Conduct surveys for internal or external feedback.
Quizz into the video player
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