Turn your viewers into active learners with unique interactive and social features.

Customise your videos

  • Brand your videos with a logo, a background, colours, an intro clip...
  • Add chapters, attachments, and trim videos directly from the platform.
  • Add interactive exercises (polls and quizzes) and complementary resources (YouTube videos, Wikipedia pages, a Twitter feed, etc.) to maintain attention and measure understanding.
Sidebar of player with social annotations

The power of Social Learning

  • Allow viewers to contribute to your video’s timeline with comments number 1 or help each other by responding to other users' questions.
  • They can also add attachments, links, documents number 1 to enrich the content. number 1
  • Provide feedback to the author's content.  
  • Easy moderation keeps it all under control.

Learning-oriented player controls

  • Viewers can modify playback speed number 1 to fit their pace.
  • Possibility to navigate by chapter in one click number2.
  • You can go back 5 seconds number3.
Navigation bar of video player

Integrate quizzes and polls

  • Integrate quizzes and polls that pop-up and pause the video at specific moments.
  • Measure results and test learner understanding.
  • Conduct surveys for internal or external feedback.
Quizz into the video player

A unique learning experience with the Dynamic Rich Media.

Into the player, the viewer can click on one of the video textures to zoom in and focus on the part that interests him.

  • Dynamic composition without post-processing delay.
  • The arrangement of the videos is flexible according to your use (the size and the position of the video textures).

Automatic transcription and subtitling of your videos

Thanks to our partnership with Authot, "Speech to Text" technology specialist, we offer automatic subtitling of your videos.

  • The words are transcribed and displayed as the video progresses.
  • The script of the text is entirely available and synchronized with the video.
  • Reading comfort for people with hearing loss.
  • An automatic translation option.

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