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Video lessons

Video lessons

Live streaming

Live streaming

Video assignments

Video assignments

An easy tool built for teachers.

Video creation made easy

With WebStudio, UbiCast's powerful screen recording tool, effortlessly capture your screen, webcam or both. Give your video a title and simply press “Record” to make a pre-recorded video or... go live!

Seamless content upload to Nudgis

Once the recording is over, your video will immediately be available online on your private (and fully customisable!) video platform, Nudgis by UbiCast, ready to be enhanced with interactive features.

Empower students to take an active role in their learning.

WebStudio is not your average screen recorder, it’s much more than that!
After recording, bring your video to life by adding a touch of interactivity.

Turn your viewers into their own movie directors

With the Dynamic Rich Media, allow your audience to click on the video texture of their choice to zoom in and focus on the part that interests them most.

Edit and customise the branding

Trim the video, add a logo and change the background as you wish to make your video more appealing.

Find any word or precise sequence

Thanks to the character recognition feature available on the player, users can easily type in the search bar and find any word in the slides, activities or chapters.

Engage your audience with social learning features

Pick interactive features to make your videos unforgettable! You and your students can add time-coded chapters, attachments, comments and even polls and quizzes!

Record, store and share quality video lessons in one place.

Ready to start recording awesome videos with WebStudio?

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