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Nudgis empowers teachers to effortlessly record, upload and share interactive video lessons, revolutionising the teaching and learning experience within Brightspace.

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A powerful integration to Brightspace by D2L.

video learning in brightspace

Are you currently using Brightspace by D2L as your LMS? If that's the case, you're probably eager to provide your students with the most captivating course materials to enhance their learning outcomes. And what better way to achieve that than through the power of video?

UbiCast is an official Brightspace partner allowing you to teach with educational videos without leaving your LMS.

Once you are logged in as a teacher to your Brightspace account, be ready to start uploading and recording interactive videos in no time!

Students benefit from being able to listen back to lectures more than once. They like the ability to replay recordings at different speeds, search the transcript for key terms, and to optimise the different views available such as document camera or Powerpoint presentations. It also allows a way to enhance the learning experience for all students, including students whose first language is not English, or students with different accessibility requirements.

Audrey Dempsey,
Business eLearning Manager at UCD College of Business

Share videos from your Nudgis channel or computer.

Do you have a video lesson that you've already recorded and want to share on Brightspace by D2L? With our integration, you have the option to add videos that you've previously recorded on your personal channel on Nudgis, or simply choose any video from your computer.

add video in brightspace
record video in brightspace

Record videos within Brightspace by D2L.

One of the most exciting parts of the Nudgis integration is the ability to effortlessly capture your webcam and slide presentation, allowing you to create and share interactive videos directly from your LMS. No need to go to your Nudgis platform, your video platform is coming for you!

Enhance your videos and make them interactive.

In Brightspace by D2L, you have access to all the features of Nudgis. This includes the ability to choose a video background that perfectly matches the visual identity of your academic institution. And that's not all - you can also enhance your videos by editing them (adding titles, trimming, etc.) and adding social and editorial annotations like attachments, chapters, comments, quizzes, and more.

edit video in brightspace
Student follow-up

Use the power of video assignments to improve student engagement.

The integration empowers students to effortlessly create impactful videos! In just a few clicks, they can easily record and attach their videos to the assigned task, previously set by their teacher. The best part is, students have the freedom to enhance and edit their videos as they want. Once they have completed their assignment, the teacher will be notified and can then provide an assessment of the student's work.

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