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Digitize your knowledge easily, UbiCast's technology will do the rest.

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Would you like to digitize your lectures, create video content for your eLearning courses or broadcast your conferences live?

UbiCast designs turnkey recorders to automatically capture the speaker and presentation.
More than just video, deliver a rich media experience to your audience.

A unique learning experience with the Dynamic Rich Media

With Miris Capture record multicamera automatically and without manual editing:

- The layout can be changed at any time and instantly, without any processing time.

- The viewer chooses the video source he wants to enlarge.

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With Miris Capture, every need has its solution



miris netcapture

Miris Netcapture

No capture hardware needed in your classrooms anymore, Miris Netcapture is a server-side solution recording up to 4 video sources over the network.

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Miris box

Miris Box

Miris Box is made for professionals: 2 to 4 HDMI inputs, 2 IP video inputs and 2 XLR audio inputs. It is the ideal solution to record or broadcast live any university lecture, concert, play or every major event.

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miris manager

Manage recordings with maximum comfort

Miris Manager offers real-time audio and video monitoring.

Thanks to this optimized web interface you can plan, monitor and manage all video recordings from all your devices.

The tools for tomorrow's education are ready.

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