Our vision

Knowledge on-demand, seamlessly recorded.

The world we live in is changing. Every second in the world, 75,223 videos are viewed and 300 hours of videos are spent every minute on YouTube. This means that we, the internet users, create more content on the Google platform than all the professional video producers put together.

Because a picture is worth 1000 words and a video is 25 frames per second, because a video tutorial is worth 100 Ikea textbooks, as clear as it can be, because a MOOC allows an Indian student to follow a Harvard course, the video is essential and will be more and more in the field of training and communication.

That's why at UbiCast, we pursue 3 major objectives:

  • Supporting our customers in the evolution of the uses of training and information sharing.
  • Provide viewers with a channel of communication around the video media to comment, enrich and share the content they consult.
  • Automatically produce metadata to make the content searchable and create a large amount of data that will be used to personalize the learning programs.

We firmly believe that the growth of video will continue for many years if and only if it becomes collaborative, that it is builded around the concept of social learning and that it helps us to produce fine and customized learning paths.

The UBICAST team


Whether you wish to bring value to your students, teachers, collaborators, clients or partners, we can help. Here are some of the organisations equipped with UbiCast solutions.

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