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Total experts create eLearning modules with the UbiCast Studio.

Creating interactive Rich Media videos autonomously and safely integrating with an existing LMS.

Improving knowledge management by capturing and sharing internal presentations, all automatically.

Efficiently leverage video within your organisation

Whether it is to facilitate onboarding, to train geographically dispersed collaborators or to inform them of the latest news, online video is a powerful ally. But video is traditionally complicated and expensive to produce, requiring dedicated staff and lengthy post-production.

Our solutions changes all that with a Start/Stop user experience and advanced automation. This opens up a whole range of applications for modern digital organisations.


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Client testimonial - Audi Campus (France)

Corporate eLearning

Training a connected, mobile workforce requires a multi-channel approach. Find out how organisations are digitising their learning with UbiCast.

Create blended learning content

Video modules

Create E-learning video modules that integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Easily produce off-the-shelf content – without technical skills
  • SCORM support enables interoperability and detailed viewing statistics

Corporate MOOC

Offer a new way of learning through  informal video courses.

  • Focus on content rather than on technology
  • Ensure an engaging viewing experience with automatic transitions, branding and interaction between learners

Just-in-time videos

Quickly create new instructional or procedure videos, accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • Video is the best way to get the full message across to large, dispersed audiences
  • Statistics reports confirm mandatory viewing


Digitise your existing sessions

Training capture

Record and capitalise on live training sessions to retain key information and build a knowledge base of indexed videos.

  • In time, technical training needs to be reviewed
  • Easily access specific information with advanced navigation and search
  • Distant collaborators can view the session live or on-demand and in full detail
  • Use best practices to train the trainers

Corporate communications

Overcoming distance and time, whilst still delivering consistent information throughout large workforces is a tough challenge. Find out how organisations are communicating with UbiCast.

(Live) webinars

Engage with distant audiences without them leaving their desks.

  • High quality video and crisp data for an improved viewing experience
  • Q&A with support for moderation
  • Join with any device, without the need to install an application
  • Replay after the Live session

“Quick fire” videos

Rapidly inform clients, partners and collaborators with video.

  • Easily feed existing communication channels
  • React with video to critical events
  • Your audience is automatically notified when new content is available

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