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With Nudgis by UbiCast, use your own enterprise video platform to engage with your teams.
Live stream, record, store and share videos in just a snap, and benefit from the most advanced interactive features.

UbiCast in video

Video within your organisation.

Internal communication

Internal communication

Share important information across all your teams in real-time or via asynchronous interaction.

Training & Onboarding

Training & Onboarding

Optimise your onboarding process and train your employees throughout their career.

Video tutorials


Drive key concepts with tutorials and ensure internal cohesion by sharing knowledge.

Add and share live or recorded content

  • With the WebStudio tool, record yourself by capturing your webcam stream and your screen.
  • Simple and intuitive, no software to install!

Enrich your videos and engage your audience

  • Add chapters and edit your videos directly from the platform
  • Add a logo, a background
  • Add time-based resources (attachments, links)
  • Assess understanding with gamification (quizzes, surveys)
  • Engage with your audience using live and asynchronous polls

The benefits of the solution



Engage with your employees using the social learning features within the video player.



A tailored video platform for each client, guaranteeing intellectual property and data protection. Nudgis is fully GDPR compliant.



Customise your platform with your own colours and make videos with your organisation's logo, intro credits and much more!



Integrate your video content easily into all your favourite collaborative tools!



Organising your content is no longer a problem: each of your videos is organised in channels easily searchable.



Enable automatic subtitle option on your platform for high impact. Nudgis is also VPAT compliant.

5 reasons to use the Nudgis video platform

indexed knowledge library

Create a rich and indexed knowledge library

Share videos and help your peers on a daily basis.

Internal video communication

Make internal communication easier

Sharing information on video improves the clarity and consistency of the message and makes it accessible to all.

Interactive videos engage with the learners

Improve the learning experience

Interactive videos engage with the audience and put an end to passive learning.

save time with videos

Save time

Video provides seamless communication in just a few minutes.

strengthen the team spirit with videos

Humanize your speech

Humanising your speech influences on knowledge retention. Watching the involvement of your colleagues on video strengthens the team spirit!

They trust us

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