Interactive video solutions to enhance teaching and learning.

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Video is an essential part of the pedagogic shift to a more personalised and collaborative learning process. 
Students and teachers' expectations have changed along with technology.

It is time to design learning experiences that are perfectly tailored to students' needs. 
Unlock the power of video lessons now!

Lecture capture

Video lessons

Live streaming

Video assignments

The right solution for every need.

UbiCast' solutions cover the entire lifecycle of video media, from content production to delivery. 
One-stop shop for hardware and software.

UbiCast Workflow

Digitise your lectures and make them accessible anytime, anywhere.

Video capture solution

Capture your lectures easily with our Miris solutions! For a unique rendering, use the Dynamic Rich Media technology and turn your students into their own movie maker!

video platform for education

Your videos are directly uploaded to your private Nudgis platform. All you have to do is enrich your courses with chapters and activities!

share video content

Share your video content in a few clicks from your Nudgis video platform or your LMS.

Benefits for all.

Get teachers on board right away.

Video integration into LMS

Easy to use

Thanks to the platform's user-friendliness and its integration with your favourite LMS, teachers are autonomous in the production and distribution of their video content.

Secured private video platform

Safe & compliant

Host your data securely on your premises or let us do it for you with our cloud solutions.

Video integration for Moodle

Integration at its best

UbiCast integrates with your current LMS (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, etc.) and all your favourite tools (Zoom, Teams, Wooclap, Typeform, Google Forms, YouTube, Wikipedia...)

lecture capture automation

Save time for what matters

Manage, schedule and synchronise recordings with the room reservation system.

viewing statistics


Access viewing statistics, analyse the results and adapt the content for future videos.

Create interactive videos in a snap, for your students
to play and replay whenever they want.


Record your screen and make awesome videos from your web browser in just a few clicks!


Make your audience interact in a new way and take your videos to the next level with the most advanced social learning features.


Share your video content so that it can be watched, enriched and commented on by as many students as possible.

Use social learning features to increase students' engagement

With the Nudgis video player, your students interact and become the main player of their learning.

Ubicast video player for students


Students help each other and react through a mini-chat synchronised with the video.


Let your students add links and attachments to enrich your video over time and make it more valuable and interactive.


Add quizzes to check your students' comprehension while engaging with them.

Improve the student learning experience.

flip your classroom with video

Increased flexibility

Choose blended learning: deliver theoretical content asynchronously in the form of short interactive video lessons and give your students more autonomy before going to class.

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning

Less exam anxiety, more success! Students can play or replay the video lessons and progress at their own pace, wherever and whenever.

Social learning community

An online community spirit

Thanks to the social learning features available, learners help each other, discuss and share information with their peers and teachers.

learning environment that suits students

The right technology

Students are sensitive to a learning environment that suits them, they will love creating, watching and sharing video content on our user-friendly platform.

equal opportunity

More inclusion

Provide equal opportunity: foreign students and students with learning disabilities or unable to attend are not left behind anymore.

Integrate UbiCast solutions with your favourite LMS.


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