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Do you need to share your knowledge? We are more receptive to images than words, so video-based learning has become the most effective training tool an organisation can leverage.

Our customers use Nudgis video platform to record, edit and deliver their knowledge in the form of video.

Video platform Mediaserver

Create video modules for your MOOCs

Your learning department and trainers create videos from their desktop and share them directly within your Learning Management System (LMS).

Share tutorials

Employees can easily share their expertise over video with the rest of the company: for example to show how to sell new products or use a new software.

Effective blended learning using interactive videos

Teachers and trainers engage their students with time-based comments, links, additional resources and activities such as quizzes & polls.

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Easily create videos

  • Capture your webcam & screen (slides, spreadsheets, software, websites...).
  • Share existing videos, such as recordings from your mobile device.
  • Simple and intuitive, no software to install.

Your video is automatically imported and indexed

  • Your videos are automatically converted to support the viewer's device and bandwidth.
  • Slides are extracted from the videos and available for easy navigation.
  • Keywords are detected and become searchable for access to specific moments.
Custom your video

Customise your videos in a few clics

  • Edit and trim videos directly from the platform.
  • Personalise content with your logo and a background.
  • Add attachments, chapters and links at specific moments of your video.
  • Add interactive exercises (polls and quizzes) and complementary resources (YouTube videos, Wikipedia pages, a Twitter feed, etc.) to maintain attention and measure understanding.

Securely share your videos with your colleagues

  • Share your videos by email.
  • Control the visibility of your content (public or password protected).
  • Integrate your content into your intranet, LTI-compatible LMS platform (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas...) or blog.
  • Secure data against illegitimate access and download.

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Enable employee contribution and interaction

  • Viewers can comment and help each other with an integrated forum (social learning) synchronized with the video.
  • Your audience can contribute by sharing links, videos and attachments alongside the video.
  • Manage interactions with moderation features.

Fully control your video platform

  • Design your home page by drag-and-drop, highlight content and organise it by channel.
  • Customize your platform’s appearance to fit your corporate identity (logo, banner, colors and advanced CSS).
  • Authenticate users with your existing directory (LDAP, Active Directory) or social networks (Google, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Manage user permissions and roles precisely (viewing, editing, moderation).
  • Access viewing statistics.
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In the Cloud

  • Entrust your content to our secure and reliable hosting platform (built-in backups, high availability).
  • Possibility of keeping 100% of your data in Europe.
  • Control your budget with a flat rate and unlimited streaming.


Maintain total control over security and access by hosting Nudgis within your own datacenter.

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