Des solutions vidéos interactives pour enseigner et apprendre autrement.

Je veux une démo

Video is an integral part of the pedagogical shift to a more personalized and collaborative learning process. The engagement revolution means that students and teachers expectations have changed.
New ways to teach and communicate are emerging every day and people can’t wait to try them out!

From the creation to the distribution of videos in education

For Teachers and Administrators

massive captation

Easy to use

Capture and manage campus wide courses and conferences.


Integration at its best

LTI allows for easy integration of Video into your existing LMS.


Save time for what matters

Manage, Schedule and Synchronize recordings with the room reservation system.


Advanced metrics

Detailed, accessible and concrete viewing statistics plus polls, quizzes and activity results.



Host your data securely on your premises or let us do it for you with Cloud solutions.

For students

academic success

Optimize the chances for academic success

With anytime, anywhere access to their lectures and content.


More engaged

Let the contribution, and collaboration within your videos drive the conversation.

level playing field

Multi classrooms access

For remote or foreign students.

blended learning
Reverse class

From Capture to Delivery, UbiCast puts in your hands the tools to create the most powerful learning material.

Nudgis integrates with all LMS

Social Learning in the spotlight

With Nudgis use the interactive player to give your students the opportunity to interact and stay engaged with their education:


Students can help each other and react via an integrated mini-forum synchronized with the video.

attached file

The video will be enriched over time with new links, attachments, interactions, quizzes and activities making it gain added value.


Always keep control with the moderation features.

After 6 years of setbacks with a different system, we have found in UbiCast a system that works perfectly and offers much more complete and powerful features.

Claude Wacker, Head of Audiovisual Systems

UbiCast has created a very easy to use solution, the result is both attractive and useful for our students. In addition, the company is very responsive and constantly improves its products by taking our feedback into account

Jean-François Le Van, Head of the COMeTE Team.

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