Give your audience the opportunity to interact, and take your videos to the next level thanks to the most advanced social learning features. 


What is Rich Media ?

We think of Rich Media as content that frees itself from the constraints of “standard” video.
 It offers an optimised user experience for transferring information and relies on 3 pillars.


Rich media is comprised of multiple media sources.

  • With video, audio and any type of data content, all the information of a presentation is delivered to the viewer
  • Within the Rich Media player, additional information can be given, such as links, attached documents, etc.



Viewers can access features than enhance their experience.

  • Navigate content by slides, chapters and word search
  • View presentation material in fullscreen for full detail
  • Reduce/increase playback speed to adapt to learning paces
  • Post comments and questions



Focusing and retaining attention is key.

  • Tracking ensures the presenter is visible and transmits body language
  • Dynamic production displays the most relevant information and maintains the viewer’s attention


How do you share it ?

One-touch publishing

Organisations have one or more ways they wish to deliver content to viewers – in any case UbiCast offers them one-touch publishing to their infrastructure.

  • For publishing to internal platforms (an intranet, WebTV portal, Learning Management System), we provide plugins
  • For publishing to external, specialised providers (YouTube, Akamai CDN, the MediaServer), we offer built-in support

We regularly add support for new platforms and providers, so if yours is not yet supported, let us know !

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