A video platform to safely and easily record, host and share your video. 

Turnkey streaming and editing of your videos and Rich Media

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Your WebTV

The MediaServer consists of 3 elements:

  • secure storage for your content
  • a Live and on-demand streaming server
  • a video portal to organise your videos


Hosting models


Control your content and security by deploying locally.

  • Virtualise MediaServer to reuse your existing servers
  • Full remote support for deployment and maintenance
  • Scale your infrastructure as your needs grow


In the Cloud

Fully outsource your video infrastructure to specialists.

  • Our Cloud solutions are based on AWS, a scalable and reliable platform
  • Perfectly adapted for viewing peaks and large audiences
  • Your content is automatically backed-up


The MediaServer’s top features

An ideal solution to manage and deliver existing videos and Rich Media to your audience, no matter where they are

The viewer experience

Advanced Rich Media player

The player actually enhances the viewer experience versus physical presence.

  • Visual navigation by slides and text search to find specific information
  • Variable playback speed for slow or quick reviews
  • Display data fullscreen and in full quality for details on slides
  • Universal playback without need for an app (HTML5 and Flash)

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Whether you are delivering a live event or offering video-on-demand, engage with your audience through interactivity.

  • Live chatting and comments, with optional moderation
  • Add any third party web application to the MediaServer (Twitter wall, polls, voting, etc.)



Add your own graphical touch to your video portal.

  • Access to full customisation (HTML5, CSS)
  • Full control over Home page composition and widgets
  • Player customisation


The user experience

We believe in clean, streamlined workflows

LMS integration

Collaborators and students should not have to use another platform.

  • Integrates with Moodle, Blackboard, Ilias, etc.
  • Detailed rights management using the LTI protocol
  • Any editing done by trainers and teachers is done directly in the LMS
  • Focus on clean workflows


User authentication

Log in once into your intranet or LMS, we will know who you are.

  • Supports viewer/user authentication with LDAP, CAS, AD, OpenID
  • Viewers only access content they are allowed to see
  • Easily create and edit existing user groups


Detailed statistics

Data is feedback on your recorded lectures and courses – and your ROI.

  • Detailed statistics include average view time, names of viewers and video heat map
  • All data can be downloaded and imported into spreadsheets for advanced reporting


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