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UbiCast teams up with Sony

We are delighted to unveil our partnership with Sony Professional Solutions Europe. UbiCast solutions are definitely complementary to Sony's ones : cameras, microphones, presentations solutions, such as the Vision Presenter.

"This partnershi...

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Wednesday, the 6thSeptember 2017

UbiCast its 10th year anniversary

 We can't believe it's been already 10 years! We wanted to celebrate this special day with the ones that made us, it means YOU, UbiCast users.

The whole team is preparing a unique day of meetings and testimonials around learning an...

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Friday, the 11thAugust 2017

What do you think about our new look?


A few days ago the new versions of your MediaServer Cloud and Studio were released. We would be very happy to have your precious feedbacks about the refreshed look through this (very short!) questionnaire.


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Tuesday, the 18thJuly 2017

Meet the team: Camille


Every month, meet a member of the UbiCast team! This month we are happy to introduce you to Camille.

What can Camille do for you?

In charge of the Corporate BU for the French market, Camille can help you to reali...

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Monday, the 7thAugust 2017

Farewell MediaServer 6, hello MediaServer 7!

As you maybe already know, the  MediaServer major update v7.0.0 has been released! Here a few information so the transition goes smoothly :)


  • As stated by our support contract, the previous version (v6.x) enters “maintena...

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Thursday, the 20thJuly 2017

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