UbiCast and GDPR



On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force. The UbiCast team worked on the subject to put in place the necessary procedures and tools to ensure compliance and help customers.

You can consult our new Privacy Policy with detailed information on how UbiCast uses and protects your personal information.


What are the general principles?

No processing is implemented at UbiCast regarding customer and prospect data if it does not relate to personal data collected by our services or processed in connection with our services and if it does not respond to general principles of the GDPR.

Any new treatment, modification or deletion of an existing treatment will be brought to the attention of customers and prospects.


What type of personal data does UbiCast collect?

UbiCast collects personal data necessary for the exploitation of its services (ex: MediaServer or IT support service) or the exploitation of its websites including https://www.ubicast.eu/en/or https://ubicast.tv/.


Where does the data come from?

The data of the customers and prospects are mainly derived from the data collected by the forms and questionnaires via the website https://www.ubicast.eu/fr/, but also via the newsletter or service delivery provided with contracts.


What use is made of the data?

As a UbiCast customer, our contact details will be necessary to ensure a good customer experience: to ensure the registration of services including MediaServer, good maintenance, requests for unsubscription to services, requests for technical support on UbiCast Panel …


How long is your data kept?


The shelf life of the data is defined by UBICAST in light of the legal and contractual constraints on it and, failing that, according to its needs and in particular according to the following principles:



How long?

Customer data

For the duration of the contractual relationship with UbiCast, it’s increased by 3 years for animation and prospecting purposes, without prejudice to conservation obligations or limitation periods

Member and user data

For the duration of the services provided by UBICAST and 1 year after the last intervention

Cookies: 13 months

Données relatives aux prospects

3 ans à compter de leur collecte par UBICAST ou du dernier contact émanant du prospect

Prospect data

1 year

Bank data

Deleted as soon as the transaction is completed, unless expressly agreed by the client

If dispute of the transaction: conservation 13 months in archive following the debit date

Anti-money laundering

5 years



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