A UbiCast Back to School Pack

We hope you had a wonderful summer! As we know it’s not always easy to go back to work… That’s why we prepared a Back to school pack, just for you:


Get a discount of 10% for a Fixed Studio + a MediaServer

… and a day of consultancy & training for free


Contact us if you're interested!


An internal « learning tube » with:

  • WebStudio licence to record videos directly from your computer,
  • an interactive video player to comment, share and challenge users,
  • precise management of rights,
  • detailed statistics.

Capture all your presentations:

  • Record your eLearning videos, MOOCs, webcasts, training sessions, lectures, conferences.
  • Create your content in a dedicated room with the Studio, anywhere you want with the Mobile Studio or in several rooms simultaneously with the Campus.
  • Stream live or on demand.
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