2013 Gstreamer Conference recordings

Like every year, UbiCast is happy to announce the availability of all of the recordings of this year's Gstreamer Conference which was held in Edinburgh, at the following url : http://gstconf.ubicast.tv/channels/#gstreamer-conference-2013
This year's conference was, again, very rich and interesting, thanks to all the speakers !
Enjoy the new features of our upcoming 2.7 upgrade, which offers improvements to our automatic speaker tracking system (featured on the video below), SDI capture support, more automated dynamic compositing features, preroll mixing, etc...
The Phoronix news website posted the following comment: "The video recordings were once again done by Ubicast, which means it turned out great. Ubicast always does a fantastic job with their video recording quality as well as the hosting with having a slick interface, recording of both the slides and speaker, and good quality." Thanks !
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