The 2012 Gstreamer keynotes available online thanks to UbiCast

UbiCast backs the Gstreamer conferences for the third consecutive year, by capturing all the keynotes and delivering them in Rich Media. Gstreamer is a growing open source multimedia framework and UbiCast is proud to be part of its community.

You can find all the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Keynotes on this dedicated MediaServer :

This year, even Phoronix embed some of the speeches in its news :

Each year, the quality of our recordings are improving and this year we can particularly find laudatory comments :

"This is how it should be done - direct download links available. Props to ubicast!"

"What do you mean by more proper video recording? I think the videos recorded last year by Ubicast are among the best conference recordings anywhere, and as a bonus they use GStreamer"

"The audio/video quality is better than average for this type of events."

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