2011 Gstreamer conferences are online

The 2 days (23 talks) of the 2011 Gstreamer conference in Prague are now online under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Talks were awesome and many demos were shown, the Gstreamer community is alive and well !

We took the chance to demonstrate our latest features in EasyCast 2.5:

  • "DualVideo" Capture: computer signal is captured in native quality, then integrated into a 720p podcast, while retaining slides, chapters and indexing
  • "AutoCam": 100% automated digital tracking of the presenter, from a high resolution video input
  • Alternative HTML5 playback

UbiCast is proud of, once again, having filmed the Gstreamer conferences using ... Gstreamer of course :)

A big thanks to the event organizers, speakers and all the visitors !

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