IADT selects UbiCast to automate course capture in 7 classes.

The IADT (L’Institut d’Auvergne du Développement des Territoires), in Clermont-Ferrand, centralises in one building all master and post master cursus on territorial development.

The building's construction began last November and its goal was to be on the cutting edge of lecture capture technology. The  initial request was open to various solutions, and it is UbiCast and its partners who saw their proposal selected. As a result, lecture recording into Rich Media format will be automated in 7 classrooms. The deployed solution will also record videoconference sessions that take place between multiple rooms or establishments and publish them as indexed Rich Media. All created content will be uploaded in an internal WebTV provided by UbiCast, enabling keyword search.

Key success factors in the decision process were the automation that we are capable of delivering and the deep indexation through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) within slides and presenter documents. UbiCast will deploy an EasyCast Campus multiroom system which will centralize editing and publishing steps in the Audiovisual Department.


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