UbiCast on THD

In order to help companies create and test innovative digital services, the Cap Digital cluster has coordinated the establishment of an experimental platform for online services using the Very High Bitrate network (THD, for Très Haut Débit).

On the 1st of October, UbiCast was the first operational service on the platform. In order to offer its service, UbiCast first equipped 3 high profile locations in Paris :


  1. La Cantine (presentations and conferences), equipped with a Knowledge Recorder
  2. La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (conferences), equipped with a Publisher
  3. L'International (musical events), equipped with a Publisher
UbiCast's project consists in offering users the possibility of seeing the multiple events taking place in these 3 locations, live and on-demand. These events are recorded and, using our one-touch publishing, made available for viewing on custom branded video platforms.
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